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2018 saw the beginning of a special journey for Daria and Christophe Salin. Sharing a deep love for music and visual art, they decided to further devote themselves to their passions and subsequently founded the music label Salin Records. Every release, accompanied by the visual art of Daria Salin, is intended to take the listener on a journey through electronic music. Releasing on beautiful-looking and sounding vinyl is a quintessential feature of Salin Records. 


Their story began with the release of Christophe Salin’s trilogy of EPs; ‘Sweet Memories’, ‘Here and Now’, and ‘Will You Be There’. Soon afterwards, other artists joined the couple’s journey and are now permanent members of the ever-growing Salin family. It is the home label of Paris native Sable Blanc, Oxford-based Michael Diamond and of course label head Christophe Salin himself. In addition, beautiful collaborations have taken place with Flabaire, Iron Curtis, Tour-Maubourg, Saint-Paul, Gledd and Eddi Shkiper. 


There is something which all the label’s releases have in common – whether it be in the form of a sonic journey through New York in Sable Blanc’s album ‘Homecoming’, or a cryptic poem written to accompany Michael Diamond’s ‘Silk Road EP’ – they each tell their own story. 


Whilst the Salin sound is known for its special positive mood, often inspired by jazz and disco, the couple recently founded the sub-label Salin Deep to focus on even deeper, rawer and more dub-influenced music. Following the release of his ‘Duophonie EP’ on Salin in 2020, the Parisian and label friend Tour-Maubourg teamed up with Christophe Salin to work on a collaborative EP which will be the inaugural release on the sub-label. 


There is much more to be said about past and future projects but ‘’Music speaks louder than words, and a picture says more than a thousand words’’.

Christophe Salin

Christophe Salin is a producer, DJ and label-owner based in Lübeck (Germany). Together with his wife (Daria Salin) he has been running the electronic music label „Salin Records“ since 2018, subsequently founding the sub label „Salin Deep“ in 2021. 


Upon hearing "Masters At Work - To Be In Love" back in the late 90's/ early 00's Christophe instantly fell in love with house music - a love that will never die. Recording late-night house music radio shows to cassette quickly led to him beginning his record collection as well as obtaining his first experiences in the DJ booth. Crafting house edits and releasing white labels in his early days were his first steps into the world of production. 


Being a gear enthusiast and running an ever-evolving studio, Christophe constantly tries to search for new ways to create sounds whilst still remaining true to the roots of house music. 


In 2018 he kicked off Salin Records with the release of a trilogy of EPs; "Sweet Memories EP", "Here And Now EP" and "Will You Be There EP" which paved the way for other artists to join the label family. This was followed by his 2019 release "You Took My Love EP". Christophe's productions are characterised by a love for details, evident in his recent remixes for Sable Blanc („Amour Gris“) & Tour-Maubourg („Interlude“). His most recent „It’s Probably Me EP“ is a modern interpretation of a classic house EP. It marks a shift in sound and style that both surprises and arouses curiosity whilst still retaining Christophe’s sonic signature.


Contact: booking[at] / christophesalin[at]

Daria Salin

Daria Salin is a visual artist using different media such as prints and photos as well as painting with different materials on wood, canvas, or paper. She carefully chooses these different types to share her view on life in the best way. Sometimes it’s a silk-screen, sometimes a photo and another time a drawing, whichever works best to transport a certain emotion. She will be the exclusive visual artist for Salin Records.


Contact: dariasalin[at]


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