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Salin Records is a platform for electronic music and design run by Daria Salin and Christophe Salin based in Lübeck (Germany). Since 2018 their music catalogue is constantly growing with beautiful sounding and looking vinyl releases, always with love for details. It is also available digitally. 


The name "Salin" was born on the saline beaches on Ibiza, back in 2009, where Daria took the inspiration for her very first painting which led to the artist name Daria Salin. The story continued with Christophe Salin and Salin Records. Daria is the exclusive visual artists for Salin Records while Christophe, as a producer and DJ,  works mainly on the musical aspects. When you listen to one of their records while holding the cover-artwork in your hand, you'll get a feeling of how the married couple inspires each other since they met in 2007.


After the release of the highly sought "Diamond - You Like Jazz? EP" Salin Records is going to release "Tour-Maubourg - Duophonie EP" in March 2020 followed by their 10th release in September. 2020 will be a year full of highlights while the label family keeps growing.


Music speaks louder than words, and a picture says more than a thousand words. 

Christophe Salin

Christophe Salin is a producer, DJ and label owner based in Lübeck (Germany). Together with his wife (Daria Salin) he runs Salin Records as a platform for electronic music and design.


Back in the late 90's/ early 00's Christophe instantly fell in love with house music when he listened to "Masters At Work - To Be In Love" - a love that will never die. Recording late-night house music radio shows to cassette quickly led to starting his record collection and first experiences in the DJ booth. Crafting house edits and releasing white labels back in those days were the first steps into producing. 


With an eye on the roots of house music, Christophe is always searching for new ways to create sounds which goes hand in hand with an always changing and evolving studio he runs and enthusiasm for studio gear.


In 2018 he kicked off Salin Records with the release of the trilogy "Sweet Memories EP", "Here And Now EP" and "Will You Be There EP" to pave the way to invite artists to the label family, followed by 2019 released "You Took My Love EP". 2020 Christophe Salin makes his remix debut with his re-interpretation of Tour-Maubourg's "Interlude". 


There are yet many things to come - Stay tuned!


Contact: booking[at] / christophesalin[at]

Daria Salin

Daria Salin is a visual artist using different media such as prints and photos as well as painting with different materials on wood, canvas, or paper. She carefully chooses these different types to share her view on life in the best way. Sometimes it’s a silk-screen, sometimes a photo and another time a drawing, whichever works best to transport a certain emotion. She will be the exclusive visual artist for Salin Records.


Contact: dariasalin[at]


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