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Salin Records is a platform for art and electronic music run by Daria Salin and Christophe Salin, based in Lübeck/Germany. After some digital Bandcamp EPs, our music is released since 2018 on beautiful and great sounding vinyl and also digital. The name “Salin” was chosen because the original idea of this project was born on the saline beaches.


Daria is a visual artist while Christophe has a musical background as a producer, DJ, music- and equipment lover. The idea of Salin Records is to spread our attitude to life build on an enthusiasm for art and music and bringing together beautiful people to make beautiful art. We love any kind of art and especially music that tells a story and takes you on a journey – to get lost in memories, totally being in the here and now, or thinking about the future. With this in mind, Christophe kicked off 2018 with a three EP series about this feeling, released on vinyl and digital ( "Sweet Memories EP"“Here And Now EP”“Will You Be There EP”). This way we could establish the label as the platform we had in mind when we started and paved the way for future Salin Records artists.


Daria is the exclusive visual artist. When you take a look at her versatile projects (painting, printing, graphic design) and listen to Christophe's tracks you get an idea, how the married couple inspire each other since they met in 2007.


One of the most beautiful things is to see our growing label-family. We are looking forward to the end of 2018 when the first EPs of the new family members and friends will be released.


We believe in sincerity, honesty and in doing things from the bottom of our hearts - “music speaks louder than words”. We hope to “take you on a journey” with Salin Records.

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Salin Records Press Kit
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Christophe Salin


Christophe​ ​Salin​ is a music enthusiast - a producer, music collector, DJ and equipment lover based in Lübeck/Germany. Together with his wife, Daria Salin, he runs ​Salin Records​, as a platform for art and electronic music.


Christophe is a house music lover all through. Jazz and disco have a deep influence on his work. Having his teens in the early 2000s he is also touched by the hypnotic-loop-orientated music from back in those days.


“You need to know the roots to know where to go” - Christophe took his time to know the roots of music and music production. He took this knowledge, mixed it up with his stories and emotions and created his versatile music styles. In ​2018​ he released a ​three EP series​ ​(“Sweet Memories EP”​,“Here And Now EP”​, “Will You Be There EP”) ​on Salin Records. This way he established the label and paved the way for future Salin Records artists. Christophe's tracks and mixes have the claim to take you on a journey and to get lost in the moment. As his tracks and mixes are honestly and from the bottom of his heart he is able to take you there. Christophe can’t imagine living without music and there are a lot of projects and ideas he’s working on as an artist and as a label head. Stay tuned!


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Press Kit

Christophe Salin Press Kit
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Daria Salin


Daria Salin is a visual artist using different media such as prints and photos as well as painting with different materials on wood, canvas, or paper. She carefully chooses these different types to share her view on life in the best way. Sometimes it’s a silk-screen, sometimes a photo and another time a drawing, whichever works best to transport a certain emotion. She will be the exclusive visual artist for [sa-lin] records and has already created some beautiful T-shirts (female & male) as well as some wonderful bags. Everything is hand printed and available in our online store


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