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[sa-lin] records is a platform for art & electronic music founded in 2015 and run by Daria & Christophe Salin. Both contribute their talent and skills. Daria on the visual side while Christophe has a musical background. With this label (art & music) they want to convey the atmosphere they share in their life, build on enthusiasm for music and art. To describe the feeling, if this is possible, the words to use are: beautiful, dreamy, hypnotic, soulful, sometimes melancholic but always full of hope. The musical influences come strong from the deeper side of house and techno with a touch of jazz, always organic and never static.

Christophe Salin

Christophe Salin is a music enthusiast - a producer, music collector, DJ and equipment lover. Together with his wife, Daria Salin, he started to run his own Label „Salin-Records“ in 2015. He is a house music lover all through (house-not-house). Jazz and disco have a deep influence on his work. Having grown up in the early 2000s he is also touched by the hypnotic-loop-orientated music from back in those days. In the past he did his homework: learning about the roots of music and mastering the task to build his own small studio and having the technological knowledge to handle it in the right way. Now the time has come to get out of his basement and to publish some of the tracks which he has produced over the last years.


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Daria Salin

Daria Salin is a visual artist using different media such as prints and photos as well as painting with different materials on wood, canvas, or paper. She carefully chooses these different types to share her view on life in the best way. Sometimes it’s a silk-screen, sometimes a photo and another time a drawing, whichever works best to transport a certain emotion. She will be the exclusive visual artist for [sa-lin] records and has already created some beautiful T-shirts (female & male) as well as some wonderful bags. Everything is hand printed and available in our online store…


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