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...every month we choose some tracks that we think you should know. If house music is something new to you, or if you’re a house-music-junkie for years it’s worth to check out our YouTube channel from time to time as we will share some underground fresh sounds as well as educate you a little bit by playing some tunes that build the roots of house music like disco, boogie, funk, soul and of course some jazz…Enjoy!


June 2016 is special for us at Salin Records because this month Daria Salin has her first exhibition. We are looking forward excitedly to the Vernissage this Saturday (11th June) from 17:00 - 19:00 in our hometown Lübeck (Beckergrube 64, 23552 Lübeck). We wish to see you there…(if you like to see some of Daria’s work click here: Daria Salin)


As Salin Records is our common platform for art & music we wanted to have a very special mix for the Vernissage and here it is…Christophe Salin dug deep in the crates and went from Jazz to Disco to House. He compiled a continuous journey into the music that’s inspiring the couple to their work…


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